All about the ‘Digital Media’ speakers (Parallel Session B1)

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The second block of parallel sessions will start at 4 pm on Friday, July 17. ‘Digital Media’ will be the topic of the first parallel session (B1). In the following you can read all about the speakers and their individual topics.

Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi is an Iranian journalist, writer, translator, columnist, editor, university lecturer and TV & Radio presenter. He says that digital information is the cornerstone of globalization, and that the civilization we conventionally know exists no more than it did not many decades ago. He discusses questions such as: ‘What if wrong ideas, faked information, targeted campaigns, distorted pictures, fabricated accusations and biased judgments create false impressions as a result of the transfer of trans-border digital information?.’ He also asks, ‘Who should verify the authenticity of information?’      ++ ++

Amit M. Schejter (Ph.D., Rutgers) is Head of the Department of Communication Studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, and visiting professor at Pennsylvania State University where he serves as co-director of the Institute for Information Policy. He served on and chaired a variety of public committees, and also counseled media and telecommunication entities in Israel and the Palestine. His talk will focus on the dynamics of the digital divide as they are influenced by the transition in how the media operate. It is a conceptual-theoretical talk, which illustrates, through unique longitudinal data not yet presented elsewhere, the consequences of the digital divide and how it is actually growing. He will give a speech joint with Orit Ben Harush & Noam Tirosh.

Najia Ashar from Stanford University, USA will present her topic ‘Highly visual and digital safety training for journalists’.

Banu Akdenizli is an Associate Professor & Chair of Public Relations and Publicity at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. Her areas of interest and research include: International communication, globalization, new information & communication technologies, media studies, content analysis, and politics of communication. In this talk, Akdenizli will discuss if and how citizen journalism in Turkey is contributing to the country’s painful odyssey to democracy. The talk will focus on current examples of bottom-up journalism in Turkey.

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