‘Future of Radio’ Speakers (Parallel Session D1)

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The ‘Future of Radio’ session will take place on Saturday, 18th July from 16:00 until 17:00. At the same time there will be three other sessions that will be covering the topics ‘Media Management’, ‘Policy and Politics’ and ‘New Media Research’. We will tell you more about these sessions in the following days.

The topic of this session will be ‘Radio Will Survive – What its Value will be 10 Years From Now’. This interesting topic will be presented by the following speakers:

  • James Cridland, Radio Futurologist, UK
  • Bernt von zur Mühlen, Germany, Luxembourg
  • Christian Schalt, Berlin, Germany


If you find our sessions interesting, we would be very pleased to see you at our conference in Berlin! http://gca2015.com/registration/

Find the whole programme following: http://gca2015.com/schedule/



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