All about the ‘Global and Glocal’ speakers (Parallel Session A3)

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The third parallel session will be covering the topic ‘Global and Glocal’. In the following you can find all information about the speakers of this topic.

Mohsen Goudazi from ATU Tehran, Iran will begin the third parallel session with his speech about ‘Cyber-political behavior of Iranian people in virtual social networks’.

Shawn D. Long is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is also an incoming Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UNC Charlotte. His speech will be on the topic of ‘Virtual Ethnography and Diversity Communication’. He will present this topic joint with Sharon Doerer & Oscar Stewart.

Jesse L. Masai has a BA in Communication Arts (Public Relations) and is currently in his final MA year as student of Development Communication at Daystar University in Nairobi. As a freelance journalist and editor in Kenya he has extensive local and international experience. His paper probes how The Friday Bulletin of Kenya covered the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris earlier this year. It assesses what its coverage of the attack tells us about global information flow.

Prof. Dr. Ayseli Usluata from Yeditepe University Istanbul, Turkey will present the topic ‘The paradox of identity in the globalizing world’.

The parallel sessions A1 ‘Social Media’, A2 ‘New Journalism’ and A3 ‘Global and Glocal’ will take place on Friday, July 17 from 2 pm until 3:30 pm. If you’re interested in listening to some of the speeches, you have the possibility to join our conference following:

You also can find specific information about the programme following:


More about the speakers of ‘New Journalism’ (Parallel Session A2)

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The second parallel session on the first conference day will be covering the topic ‘New Journalism‘.

Datis Khajeheian, who has a Ph.D. in Media Management and also his M.A in Entrepreneurship, is a University Lecturer and Entrepreneur. He will speak at the GCA about promotion of citizen journalism to user journalism, by changing focus from editorial content to the user comments and other user generated contents. This extends the citizen journalism from people in the scene to also include the users with insight and perspective back of their devices. The concept of news canvas with a gamification mechanism would be revealed in his presentation. He will present this topic joint with Mike Friedrichsen, the conference president of this year’s GCA in Berlin.

Marie R. Atas, Nikko B. Visperas & Jonalou Labor from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Intramuros, Manila, Philippines will present their topic ‘Blogging political thoughts: Perceptions of credibility among bloggers and readers on selected political blogs in the Philippines Patricia’.

Jackie O. Pavlik is an artist and Spanish teacher at Manitou School in New York. She staged several exhibitions in New York City and Doha, Qatar since 2000 until today. John V. Pavlik is currently Professor of Journalism and Media Studies in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA. Together they will present the topic ‘Understanding Quality in Digital Storytelling: A Theoretically Based Analysis of the Interactive Documentary’.

Dr. Yemi Obalanlege, Ph.D, is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Crescent University in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Previous experiences include a Lecturer in Journalism at University of Lincoln and University of East London, UK, respectively. He has also served as a Senior Correspondent at ThisDay Newspaper in Lagos. He received his Masters degree in Mass Communication at the University of Leicester, and received his Doctoral degree in Communication at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. His topic will analyze Journalism Practice and New Media in Nigeria, which focuses on the extent to which internet, social media, and mobile telecommunications influence the practice of journalism among members of NUJ Correspondents Chapel in Abeokuta, Nigeria.


You can find specific information about the day and time of the session in our programme:


This year’s ‘Social Media’ speakers at a glance (Parallel Session A1)

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Starting today, we will be introducing you to the speakers of the Global Communication Association Conference and the topics they will report on. It’s a great pleasure to welcome many guests from all around the world. Since there will be so many interesting speakers at the conference, the speeches will be organised in parallel sessions. The first parallel session (A1), will be covering the topic ‘social media’.


Jennifer Takhar from the University of Paris will start this session and will be talking about ‘Tweetifying South Asian diplomacy: Shashi Tharoor’s soft power’.

Stella Wanjiru Mwangi is currently pursuing a M.A. in Corporate Communication at the Daystar University in Kenya. As a Digital Marketing Expert, among other things, she addresses topics concerning Ethics in New and Social Communication since the advancement in technology.

The objective of her study that will be presented at this year’s conference is to establish whether WhatsApp augments personal relationships as a social platform, or if it actually isolates people from the real world.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumann is a Professor of Media Management and Economics at the Institute for Media Management and Journalism at Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. It’s a great honour to have her at the GCA 2015, where she will be talking about two very interesting topics. Firstly, we’re going to hear a speech about the implementation of social media as a catalyst for knowledge. Fabian Runge will join her in this speech.

Nermeen Kassem currently operates at Ain Shams University and Future University in Egypt. She will give a speech about „Social Media Use and Perceived Opportunities for Mobilizing Change in Post-Uprising Egypt“.


You can find specific information about the day and time of the session in our programme:

Cooperation Partner Ming Kuok Lim (UNESCO) about Safety of Journalism

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Ming Kuok Lim, Program Specialist at the UNESCO Communication and Information Sector, expresses the importance of GCA for the organization as cooperation partner of this year’s conference in terms of journalism.

UNESCO is the leading UN agency in the promotion of freedom of expression, freedom of press, and the safety of journalists. In 2012, the UN Chief Executives Board endorsed the UN plan of action on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity, which was spearheaded by UNESCO. The UN plan of action is based on a multi-stakeholder approach, including UN agencies, the national authorities, civil society groups, media, and academia. The issue of journalist’s safety and of ending impunity of crimes against them is very complex, and cannot be solved by any single entity. Academia has an important role to play in this issue.

Firstly, Lim says it is no longer sufficient to teach journalism students the traditional ‘Who, What, When, Where and How?’ Nowadays, it is equally important to prepare future journalists the ‘4Ws’ and ‘1H’ of safety.

Who is doing the surveillance?

What are the international human rights for protection of journalists?

How do I protect myself?

Secondly, systematic and rigorous academic research on both journalist safety, and the issue of impunity, is very much lacking. That is one of the main reasons UNESCO is collaborating with the GCA in this conference. UNESCO calls on the academia to broaden the journalism curricula to include safety, and to increase quality research on the topics.

Cooperation call for paper with UNESCO

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Cooperation call for paper with UNESCO: Special session on safety of journalist “After Charlie? The Reality of Safety of Journalists”.

Tickets for GCA Conference 2015 available

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Guests are now able to purchase tickets for the GCA Conference 2015 in Berlin via our Registration Page.