Preliminary Call for Papers: Istanbul, Turkey in May 2016

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If you are interested in participating at the upcoming conference in Istanbul, Turkey on 5th/6th you can find all information you need down below.

The conference will be organized by Yeditepe University School of Communication with the theme: Changing Global Flows in the Age of Digital Communication

As the world has become more interconnected we are increasingly aware of the global interdepend­ence of people and cultures. Human communication and interaction is not only facilitated by the Internet but it also increases the range and the number of ways in which we are able to connect and interact with others. These changing, shifting cultural, economic and technological realities have led many to question the power of the nation state and how it is being restructured. Information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly the Internet have and are transforming and even in some cases destabilizing governance and power. It is of common understanding by now that ICTs play a vital role in the social, political and economic development of every country. As they have be­come everyday technologies continuously embedded and routinized in societies where they are mostly used (Lievrouw & Livingstone, 2010), ICTS are also transforming social contexts, communica­tion activities, practices, social arrangements and organizations.

Taking our cue from Arjun Appadurai’s concept of global cultural flows, this year’s conference theme Changing Global Flows in the Age of Digital Communication seeks to explore the genesis, dynamics, and functioning of different communication contexts in relations to digital transformations flows as they are experienced globally. The theme recognizes the intertwining and fluid landscapes as Appadurai structures them and thus is organized under the five “scapes”.

Divisions and possible topics

  • Ethnoscape:
    Migration, immigration, community communication, diaspora and media, gender and media, religion and media
  • Technoscape:
    The Internet of things, big data, convergence, digital education, health education, future of technology
  • Financescape:
    Media management, business and global media, strategic communication, crisis communica­tion
  • Mediascape:
    Media profession changes, media content and type changes, global media, popular culture, participatory media
  • Ideoscape:
    Government policy and regulation, ideology and media, political communication, activism


Abstract Submissions

Academicians, policy makers, corporate executives, media professionals, NGO representatives, activ­ists and research scholars are invited to contribute papers on topics related to theme of the confer­ence. Please submit your 500-word abstracts by December 15, 2015. The abstract should clearly state the research objectives, methodology significance and include author’s name, institution, ad­dress, phone number, email and at least four keywords. All abstracts will be reviewed and refereed. All scholarly methodologies are welcome. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by February 15, 2016.



All communication will be directed towards the first author of the paper. Any abstract or paper re­lated queries may be uploaded on the website (forthcoming) or via email di­rected to Dr. Banu Akdenizli, Department of Public Relations and Publicity, Yeditepe University: