‘Media Management’ speakers at a glance (Parallel Session D2)

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Since the development of media systems and companies in recent years, topics concerning media management are hotly-debated internationally.

That is why it is also in our interest to make the topic ‘media management’ the subject of a parallel session.

We are glad to welcome experts from this field who will present us their point of views and issues that need to be considered in media companies.

The session starts with the co-presenters Wilfried Mödinger (Stuttgart Media University, Germany), Hansjörg Künzlil (ZHAW School of Applied Psychology Zürich, Switzerland) and Elke Berninge-Schäfer (Stuttgart, Germany). The three will cover the topic ‘Communication, Competency, Coaching – the New Approach to Create Leader Who Are Shaping the Future’.

Appropriately Stavros Georgiades, Professor at the Frederick University in Cyprus, continues with a speech about ‘Media Manager’s Perceptions of the Characteristics of the Information and the Related Assistance they Need to Provide Employees with to Achieve their Contributions’.

We are looking forward to the session and speakers!

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